Lighting is a great opportunity for homeowners to create the desired ambiance or mood throughout their homes. When skillfully done, lighting can elicit a wide range of emotional responses. Over the years, the range of decorative lighting has grown immensely and is exploding with different types and styles of lighting fixtures. This makes setting the perfect mood in your home possible! The power of lighting is often underestimated, which is why WiCKS Electrical would like to offer 5 tips on using light to set the mood in your home.

The Entrance Of Your Home

The entrance of your home is a great opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the evening. When welcoming guests into your home, lighting can serve a dual purpose. It can make the transition between outdoor and indoor lighting easier on your guests’ eyes and accentuate points of interest in your home.

During the day, your entrance shouldn’t be so dark that it takes a few moments for someone to adjust to the new lighting. Similarly, during the evening, your entrance shouldn’t be too bright startling your guests as they come in from the dark.

People are naturally drawn to illuminated areas, which could be used to your advantage. Direct light can be used to attract attention to artwork or architecture throughout your home.

Entertaining Guests

When entertaining friends, bright light can set a cheerful mood and encourage activity. That being said, sitting in bright light can be uncomfortable. The best way to incorporate bright light would be to focus it on the wall or on a point of interest.

Light can also be used to emphasize textures throughout your home. For example, light reflecting off of metal can create a livelier atmosphere.

Romantic Dinner

Setting the mood for a perfect romantic evening can be achieved by lowering the overall lighting level in your home and subduing colours. Warm, soft lighting is more flattering to a person’s features. A few accent lights on the wall or dining table centerpiece can also help to enhance the mood.

Pre-bedtime Ritual

Everyone has a pre-bedtime ritual, helping them transition from the activities of the day to a rest-filled sleep. Lighting has the ability to help with this transition, through lowered levels of light. A bedside lamp is perfect for those who enjoy reading before bed, while the rest of the room’s lighting level has been lowered.

Midnight Snack

Sometimes a midnight snack or glass of milk is exactly what you need. But the thought of being blinded by your kitchen lights may be off-putting and make it more difficult to fall back asleep. The ideal kitchen lighting provides enough light for you to find your way around, without blinding you or risk waking up the rest of your family.

How WiCKS Can Help You Today

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