Let’s be honest for a second, when was the last time that you thought about the state of your home’s wiring system? Generally, it’s not a thought that comes often because out of sight, out of mind! We need to pay attention to our home’s wiring system (or at least pay someone to do it for us) and what it’s trying to tell us. Here are a few signs that your home’s wiring system is in need of an update:

Age Isn’t Just A Number

When deciding on whether to upgrade your home’s wiring system, the age of your home is arguably one of the most obvious signs. If your home is around 40-50 years old and still has its original wiring, chances are that it’s in need of an upgrade.

Wiring over this kind of time can develop safety issues. Not only may the wires have loosened or the insulation worn away, but the materials used to make the wires may no longer be considered safe.


For the safety of you, your family, and your appliances, all outlets in your home need to be grounded. Grounding your outlets ensures optimum functioning and of course safety. Unfortunately finding out if your outlets are grounded can only be done with a tester, which is where a call to WiCKS Electrical comes in!


A large problem with older homes is that they were not designed to meet the demand for power that homes today require. The number of electronics and appliances used in our homes today may exceed the number of outlets available. Yes, extension cords may be an option but they can contribute to creating a dangerous environment. Having a professional install more outlets reduces the individual load and risk of electrical fires.

Tripping Circuit Breaker  

Having to flip the circuit breaker back on often is a sign that your home’s electrical system can’t handle the load that you are putting on it. A number of household appliances require a lot of power, especially when it’s first turned on. If you’re unable to run two major appliances at the same time without them tripping, an update is a good idea. Not only is this frustrating but also extremely dangerous and requires a professional electrician’s opinion.

How WiCKS Can Help You

Your home’s wiring system is responsible for supplying power to your appliances and peace to your family. Regular checks and maintenance can help to keep that going. For an inspection or any other electrical needs, call Wayne today on 082 924 4775.