While on a run with my family, I came across some stripped cable. I immediately knew that they had been stolen and thought it my duty to give some advice on making sure that it doesn’t happen to you. Cable theft is a massive issue in South Africa and while we cannot guarantee that it won’t happen to us, WiCKS Electrical would like to give you some tips to prevent being a victim of cable theft.


Understanding Cable Theft

As a great conductor of electricity, copper is used in electrical cabling. Unfortunately, copper has a high monetary value and is pretty easy to steal. As mentioned, cable theft is a huge problem in South Africa, one that costs us billions of Rands a year. Cables are stolen from areas of opportunity and sold as scrap for money. This leaves you without power and with damaged cables.

How To Prevent Cable Theft

Without 24hour security, there is no sure way to prevent cable thieves from striking. There are however a few tactics that could help deter them. Some of which involve installing:

Security Lights

Thieves generally thrive in darkness, relying on it to cover their tracks. Construction sites, especially at night, are one of the most common victims of cable theft. Although security lights may not physically chase the thieves away, they will make them think twice.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are very helpful when it comes to cable theft, with just the thought of being taped a common deterrent for thieves. If this does not stop them, you at least have footage of their faces and their crime that you can then take to the police when asking for help.

Warning Signs

Placing electrocution warning signs around the property may prevent thieves from going through with the job. The mere thought of their lives being in danger may prevent them from entering your property at all.

Solid Fencing

A solid boundary around your property or construction site can stop prying eyes and unwanted access to your cables. Properties that appear hard to access are generally skipped by thieves as they search for an easier target.

While I hope that these tips have been useful, please feel free to contact me on 082 924 4775 for any other electrical questions- I’d be more than happy to help.