YouTube is filled with videos encouraging people to try out different DIY projects. The passion is spreading and the DIY bug has bitten many home owners and creatives. When the craze hits – it can be easy to consider attempting DIY projects that are simply not safe. One of these areas of risk include electrical work. In a nutshell, here are our top reasons to avoid the DIY electrical work. 

1. Safety

Electrical wiring can be incredibly complex. The chances of something going wrong if you don’t know what you are doing is very high. Electrical systems themselves are dangerous and attempting a DIY job on any repairs or installations can result in electrocution and the chance of fire. 

2. Time

Time is a limited resource. While DIY projects are fun, when they become time-consuming and eat into quality time with loved ones, it is best to call in a professional. Hiring a licensed electrician will save you valuable time that you will otherwise never get back. 

3. Cost

It may seem like hiring a professional electrician is more expensive than attempting the ‘quick fix’ yourself, however attempting a job without specialised knowledge can be costly. Not only is a DIY electrical job dangerous and time-consuming, it can also cost a lot of money if anything goes wrong. The cost of equipment and material is nothing compared to the cost of potential damage. 

4. Frustration

Although your mood may be positive when starting the job, it can very easily deteriorate as frustration increases. Electrical systems are incredibly complicated and even a seemingly easy job can result in frustration and silly mistakes. In turn, these mistakes can lead to dangerous situations. 

While we fully support you attempting to make a new cot as a carpentry project, we’d much rather you call us on +27 82 92 44775 or email us for any electrical job.