As with most things today, your swimming pool needs electricity for its lights, pumps and cleaning equipment to work. But this can be a scary thought since from a young age we’ve been taught that water and electricity do not make a good combination! Keeping your family safe, means hiring a qualified electrician to ensure that your pool is properly bonded and grounded.

Bonding And Grounding

To understand why bonding and grounding are so important for your family’s safety, we need to understand a few electrical basics – the different types of charges.

An electrical current is made up of negatively charged electrons. Naturally, these electrons want to balance out the charge by flowing towards a neutral or positively charged material. It’s this difference in the flow of charge that powers our homes devices and appliances.

When there is a fault in the electrical system, the current flows down the path of least resistance to a positive charge. This low-resistance path could simply lead to a piece of metal, but it could also lead to a person touching the equipment.


Pool bonding is when all parts of your pool (the pump, heater and ladder) are electrically connected to build a grid. By connecting everything, we are ensuring that they all have the same electrical potential. Without bonding, a piece of equipment may become more charged than the others, meaning that it will look for a less energized material to balance it out.  Unfortunately for us, people and pets qualify as this less energized material- shocking, I know!


Grounding is taking that bonded equipment and electrically attaching it to the ground. In case of a fault where excess current passes through the panel, the ground will act as the path of least resistance.

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