As we move into the warmer months of the year, you’ll find yourselves wanting to spend more and more time outdoors. The great news is that with the right outdoor entertainment lighting, the fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down! Recently, the spotlight has been on surviving the global pandemic but let’s shift it onto something exciting for just a second! Here are some tips on the perfect outdoor entertainment lighting:

Where And How  

For an effectively lit outdoor entertainment area, a combination of ambient, task and accent lighting should be used. Different ambient lighting options will create the desired atmosphere for you and your guests. Task lighting will provide enough light for tasks to be completed and accent lighting will prevent injury by highlighting potentially dangerous areas.

Entertainment space

When choosing your outdoor lighting you need to keep in mind that you don’t need the same level of lighting outdoors, as you do indoors. The key to getting the perfect entertainment lighting is making sure that there is enough of it, without overdoing it! This can be done by directing the light where you need it and not randomly into open space.

Ambient Lighting

Overhead lighting is perfect for creating ambiance! Outdoor pendants or zigzagged string lights over your entertainment space are great if you’re wanting a soft overall light. Wall sconces, or up/down fixtures, can also be effective in creating ambiance as the light puddles on the ground. If your entertainment area is covered, recessed lighting controlled with a dimmer can be used to create the perfect environment for any occasion.

Task Lighting

Whether you’re playing games or grilling, you’ll need brighter and more direct lighting. This means that before buying any lights needed for these tasks, you must make sure that it is bright enough. Whether you simply crank up your dimmers or invest in chargeable table lamps, these areas need sufficient lighting if your tasks are to be completed.

Accent Lighting

While accent lighting indoors is designed to draw focus to specific objects, outdoors it is used for more than aesthetics. Low-level accent lights are perfect for defining areas or highlighting spots where someone may injure themselves. Deck and step lights are perfect for the job as they highlight steps and define boundaries in an aesthetically appealing way.  Spot or floodlights can also be used if you’re wanting to expand your entertainment area.

How WiCKS Electrical Can Help You Today

COVID-19 has left most, if not all of us, feeling out of control. Take some of that control back by starting a home project where you get to make all of the decisions- like updating your outdoor lighting! I can guarantee that it will light up your life! Call Wayne on 0829244775 for more lighting tips or electrical needs!