Sun, swimming pools, and family is what a typical festive season in South Africa looks like. The arrival of warmer weather means that family dinners are moved outdoors. This is the time of year where electrical safety is essential in keeping the festivity alive. This why WiCKS Electrical would like to share some tips on outdoor lighting to ensure your family’s safety.

Ground Fault Circuit Interruptions (GFCI)

The purpose of a GFCI is to protect you and your family from shock or electrocution. The installation of these circuit breakers is essential at any place where electricity may come into contact with water, both indoors and out. The GFCI cuts the power if even the slightest change in current is detected. If your home is not equipped with these circuit breakers, we highly recommend installing them.

Fixtures and Extension Cords

Outdoor fixtures, even those protected by a roof, are exposed to a lot more moisture and varying temperatures than those found indoors. This means that fixtures and extension cords that are specifically designed for indoor use should not be used outdoors! Using normal cords and fixtures outdoors is extremely dangerous.

It goes without saying that outdoor fixtures need outdoor-rated bulbs. If you’re unsure of which bulbs or fixtures to buy, call a professional like WiCKS Electrical for advice.

Inspect Before Use 

If your lights and outlets haven’t been used during winter, or have been in storage, it’s a good idea to inspect them before putting them to use. If you see any signs of wear and tear, replace them immediately. Some of the red flags to look out for would be:

  • Cracked fixtures
  • Loose connections
  • Frayed cords
  • Burn marks

The rule of thumb with all things electrical is when in doubt, throw it out!

Placement Of Your Fixtures

Water and electricity have never gotten on well,  but this hasn’t stopped us from wanting to place decorative lighting fixtures near water before. While it can be done, it needs careful consideration and advice from a professional. A professional will ensure that the correct fixtures and bulbs are used and that all of the correct safety measures are in place.

Power Overload

While you and your family have a relaxing evening outdoors, you can’t forget about the stress that you’re placing on your electrical circuit. With lights, music, and food appliances all going at once, you need to spread the load across different circuits to avoid any one of them being overloaded.

An overloaded circuit will trip and leave damage that won’t necessarily be obvious but can be dangerous. Applying social distancing among your appliances will ensure your and their safety.

How WiCKS Can Help You This Festive Season

This year has been tough on everyone and WiCKS Electrical would like to help in ensuring that it ends on a good note. For all of your electrical needs or advice, call Wayne on 082 924 4775. He would love to be a part of keeping the joy switched on during your festive season.