All it takes is 24 hours without electricity to realise how much we depend on it. From charging your cell phone, to watching TV, boiling water and lighting up a room – electricity is vital. While power banks can see you through a few hours, and candles can be romantic for a while, it won’t be long before the juices run out and boredom kicks in, and that bump in the night becomes slightly more intimidating. But electricity can do so much more than improve the ease of living. Lighting in particular can play a huge role in contributing to a home’s ambience. Here are some ways to create the ultimate lighting atmosphere in your home. 

There are a few points to consider that will either drastically, or subtly, influence the atmosphere of a room.

  • Warm or cool lights – this contributes to the temperature of the room.
  • Soft or dim lights – this contributes to the intimacy of the room.
  • Coloured lights – these can stimulate different moods.
  • Focal lights – these are versatile and can be used to soften or highlight certain areas of a room.
  • Accent lamps – these are great for decoration and creating a beautiful effect.

Creating an inviting atmosphere

If you want to create an inviting atmosphere, it is important to position your lights in the correct place. Placing your lamps close to the windows can add an incredible cosy atmosphere.

Produce a feeling of relaxation

There is little better than to come home and kick off your shoes and relax after a long day at work. Filament bulbs, the varied style lighting that are hung from the ceiling, are interesting in design and add wonderfully to a relaxing atmosphere. Pro tip: add a dimmer to be able to adjust to the intensity of the light.

In need of brightness?

Certain areas need a fair amount of light in order to create a sense of productivity and purpose. One of these places is the kitchen where light is needed to prepare food and create a hub of activity. Bright and vibrant lighting in the kitchen will help create an engaging and productive atmosphere. Deciding where to place these lights can also alter the effect. For example, adding lights underneath the kitchen unit will illuminate the worktop.

Don’t forget the outdoors

The outdoor area of a home is often a site of socialising and creating memories – think back on summer braai’s and staring up at the stars in the Eastern Cape sky! When the sun sets, vibrant outdoor lighting can keep the outdoor festive vibe going. This is also a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of solar lighting and reduce your carbon footprint – every little bit helps.

In the mood for romance

With the hustle and bustle of life, a little bit of soft lighting can slow us down and remind us to reconnect with our loved ones in a romantic setting. You can also opt for the traditional candle to create a sense of allure, but a dimmer switch that allows you to control the brightness of the room can do the job just as well!

Who would have thought that lighting could be so fun and expressive? Once you have decided on the type of lighting that you want for your home, contact your local electrician to do perform the installation – nothing ruins a romantic evening like a short circuit!