Let’s begin this blog by clarifying that is always best to call a professional electrician to replace a damaged kiosk. Rather than encourage an attempt at a DIY project, this blog aims to explain the process behind replacing a damaged electrical kiosk.

Firstly, what is an electrical kiosk?

Commonly referred to as a ‘KDE’, an electrical kiosk is an electrical distribution container. An important part of the electricity network, electrical kiosks are typically located outside of a building. They convert higher voltage electricity into lower voltage as required by homes and businesses.

What causes electrical kiosk damage?

  • Over-voltage. This is normally the result of lighting striking a house or a nearby power line or the switching on and off of power lines or substations.
  • Voltage dips and fluctuations. These are caused by the switching on and off of power lines and substations, breakdowns in power lines due to the likes of falling trees etc, and starting up of electrical motors.
  • Outages and breakdowns. Breakdowns are normally caused by short circuits, damage to underground or overhead lines due to construction, and breakdowns in old power lines. Sometimes these outages are planned and necessary for repair and maintenance.

Replacing a damaged electrical kiosk

Oftentimes, the outside of a kiosk is damaged and needs to be replaced in order to best protect the electrics inside. In this instance, the following process will be completed:

  1. The mains will be switched off.
  2. All wires will be marked and disconnected from the circuit breakers and buzz bars.
  3. The area around the kiosk will be dug up in order to get the old base out.
  4. All nuts will be loosened and the old top will be taken out.
  5. The new base will be placed over the wires.
  6. The wires will be receonnected to the circuit breaker and buzz bars.
  7. Finally, the new kiosk top will be placed over and the hole will be filled.
  8. Switching on the kiosk and doing a test will ensure that it is working.

Here are some images to show the process of replacing a damaged electrical kiosk.

As an important part of the electrical network, it is vital to make sure that your kiosk is in top shape and your internal electrics are safe. Contact your local electrician in East London to attend to your electrical kiosk if you have any concerns.