Nobody really notices when things are working. Consider how you walk into the office and switch on the coffee machine – it hums on smoothly. Or when you arrive home after dinner and your driveway lights up as the sensors recognise your car. It’s moments like these, when everything runs as it should, that you may ask yourself how important regular electrical maintenance really is. And it is only when the power is out that you realise the answer – very important!

The importance of regular electrical maintenance

Both commercial and domestic property owners need to consider the correct installation and regular maintenance of their electrical system. Not only does this preserve efficiency, but it also ensures safety. Qualified electricians understand the need for preventative and scheduled maintenance. Without overcomplicating the situation by describing the various scenarios that may go wrong, here is a summary of why regular electrical maintenance is so important.

1. Safety

The details of electrical installations are normally hidden. This means that if a wire burns out, it is not always visible to the naked eye. A routine check on the home or office will ensure that all plug sockets are properly secured, that there are no wires near a heat source and electrical cables aren’t dangerously placed. An annual electrical maintenance inspection could end up saving your employees, your loved ones and even your life from electrical danger and a reduce the chance of a fire hazard.

2. Protection of assets

Just like many belongings, proper care encourages a longer life. By ensuring that your electrical system is well maintained you are investing in the longevity of your belongings. Electrical inspections should be viewed as an investment that could help you save money in the long run.

3. Reduces costs

Yes, an electrical inspection may initially cost a small sum but it can drastically reduce your energy costs, saving you money in the long run. This is done by scanning equipment and plug points to identify areas that are failing and giving advise on how to optimise your energy costs. If small faults are identified, they can be attended to before they become larger and more costly.

While it is suggested that you hire a professional once a year to inspect your electrical system, there are some signs to look out for which require immediate attention. These include flickering lights, burning smells, discolouration of power points, buzzing sounds and circuit breakers that trip too frequently.

If you need to schedule an electrical maintenance check, or you feel that there may be a fault in your home, give us a call on 082 924 4775.

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