The current nationwide lockdown has left many of us feeling like a jack of all trades with this extra time on our hands. But we know the dangers of being a DIY electrician and would prefer that you called for us help!

All emergency service personal need a permit to be working during this time, giving them permission to be out of their homes during this lockdown. At WiCKS Electrical, we have one of these permits.

To avoid confusion, this permit is only valid for emergencies. And here they are:

Burning Wires

Do you smell burning metallic or plastic? Burning wires is a very serious problem that demands immediate attention. This very distinct smell means that an electrical fire is pending from overheating wires.

If you start smelling burning wires, you need to shut off your power and call an electrician.

Burnt Outlet

Brown stains around your outlet is a sign that it has been burnt and that you have a serious problem on your hands! While brown stains are usually associated with dirt, these ones indicate an overloaded outlet that is ready to catch fire.

If you notice these stains, don’t touch the outlet or plug anything into it. Make sure other outlets in your home don’t have the same stains and call an electrician to help.

Lights Out

Being locked up with your family for a month is one thing, but add not having power and we’re asking for war! Besides never wanting to put anyone through that struggle, having no power may be a sign of a serious electrical problem.

If you are the only home in your street or neighbourhood without power then you should call an electrician. If you’re not going to do it for your home, do it for your sanity!

Buzzing Breaker Box

Your breaker box is protected by a circuit breaker, designed to keep your home and appliances safe. A circuit breaker cuts the power to your home at any sign of problems in your electrical system. A noisy breaker box means that something is trying to trip but a fault is preventing it from doing so.

This is an incredibly dangerous situation to be in because it means that your electrical system is failing and needs to be corrected immediately.

No Hot Water

Believe it or not, there is good news and bad news when it comes to not having hot water in your home. The good news is that no hot water is not a sign of danger but the bad news is that you’re about to have a very unpleasant showering experience.

It would be inhumane to expect households to go without hot water for the duration of the nationwide lockdown, which is why we consider it an emergency.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left our world in crisis, don’t let electrical issues leave your home feeling the same! Call Wayne for any of the above emergencies or other queries on 082 924 4775!