The electrical control panel, or DB board, is known as the heart and mind of your home’s electrical system. This panel connects the power lines from the utility company to your home, supplying it with power. It is a system that even using the best practices can fall victim to a number of problems. Although diagnosed and remedied by a professional, here are some possible reasons for the repair or replacement of your DB board.


Not all DB board issues are a lost cause and are able to be repaired by a professional, for example:

Damaged Cables

While the cables running from the power pole to the structural mount on your home is the utility company’s problem, the cables between the mount and the panel are on you! The most common issues here are loose cables and worn or damaged insulation and anchors. While it’s possible to repair these issues, they need immediate attention.

Improper Wiring

We understand that the phrase “improper installation” is most often accompanied by an instant headache. While improper installation with some appliances can be put off, the same cannot be said for your DB board. If it is not correctly installed it may lead to a number of problems that could pose serious harm to your family and home. Luckily, these problems can be corrected and repaired by a trusted professional, like WiCKS Electrical.


While some issues can be fixed, others are beyond repair and need replacement, such as:

Water Damage

The danger of combining water and electricity was probably one of the first things that we were taught as youngsters. Keeping this lesson in mind, if you notice that water is present on or near your electrical panel, stay away from it and call a professional. Rust stains on the box or white corrosion on the wiring are signs that your panel has been exposed to moisture and will most likely need to be replaced.

Poor Manufacturing

Although problems can be caused by a number of things, sometimes the issue lies with the manufacturer. The breakers on a faulty board may be easily damaged, fail to trip when they should, or even fall out of place. No matter the issues, this is extremely dangerous and your panel needs to be replaced as soon as possible.


Every panel has limited space for breakers as well as a maximum power rating. Over the years, the electrical demand that we place on our DB boards has increased drastically and the older versions may not be able to keep up. If your home needs a new circuit installed, you may need to upgrade or replace your current electrical panel for a slightly larger one.

How WiCKS Can Help You

Electrical issues should not be taken lightly, especially if they’re responsible for supplying your whole home with power! While it is good to know the signs of a problem, a professional should always be called for help. Now that you understand your DB board’s needs a little better, if you notice any issues or have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call us at 082 924 4775.