How many times have you walked into a store and immediately walked out again due to a gloomy atmosphere? Or perhaps you’ve driven past a restaurant, mentally reserving it as the next ‘date night’ venue because of its bright outdoor lighting. As consumers, we often choose businesses based on subliminal prompts. As a business, you should be aware of what prompts this choice. Here we discuss key elements when choosing the best commercial lighting for your business that will help you stand out among the rest.

Cost effectiveness

As a business, it is your goal to generate revenue and reduce overheads. When choosing commercial lighting, you should not only consider the cost of the lights themselves but also the cost of installation, energy consumption and potential replacement costs. At WiCKS Electrical, we offer competitive pricing for installations and repairs, just one way to make your lighting cost effective.


Your lighting fixtures – whether outdoor or indoor – should be manufactured from quality materials. Always prioritise quality products that ensure long life and maintenance costs. This may cost slightly more at the beginning, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run. If your lighting will be predominantly outdoors, take extra care that the fixtures are robust to withstand any weather damage.


Although they serve a very practical and functional purpose, commercial lighting can also be a great aesthetic enhancement. You can use your lighting to represent your business by choosing bright and bold colours for a vibrant brand, or more elegant lighting for a boutique brand. The position of your lights can enhance and highlight certain points of interest in (or outside) your building and attract attention. Lighting is also very useful in creating a certain ambiance – so choose wisely!

Energy efficiency

While this overlaps with being cost-effective, striving to operate your business in a sustainable manner is a virtuous goal. Where possible, choose LED lighting as opposed to fluorescent lighting systems. Make the effort to monitor your energy consumption. If you find that your consumption is very high, perhaps you need to reconsider your products or contact a professional electrician to see if there is an issue with your system.

These are just a few considerations when discussing commercial lighting choices. For more advice or information, call WiCKS Electrical on +27 82 924 4775.