Planning and building a new home can be an extremely exciting, yet stressful project. With so many things to consider, the seemly trivial elements that are overlooked may be the ones that end up costing the most. The electrical layout is one of these important aspects to consider.

Many people leave their lighting for last when it should actually be one of the first things considered when planning your future home, office, or building.

Here are some electrical tips to consider before building your home:

Plug Points

When building and planning a new home, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in all the exciting design elements that you forget about the more crucial ones, like where your plug points and DB board will be located.

Before the floor is cast, you need to have an idea of where the plug points will be so that they’re located in convenient places. If thought isn’t put into this beforehand, changing the location of a plug point can be a costly exercise by re-routing wires through your roof.

man installing lights in a home during construction

Light Fittings

Planning a multi-story home requires a little bit extra thought into where light fittings will be located – especially for the rooms below the deck being cast.

Having to change light fitting locations afterward can leave your wires fried and your home’s wiring visible. Cables may need to be run along your walls or a false ceiling may need to be installed.


While technology continues to evolve, so have various wiring systems. Most telephone and television wires today are run underground, avoiding visible wires throughout your home.

For this to work, you need to know where in your home you’d like your telephone and television to be – beforehand! This way, you can make sure that the wires are in the correct place.

Good communication between the electrician and the builders will prevent wires from being crossed and remove some of your added stress.

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