Gone are the days where bathroom designs were solely created to serve a single function. With more time being spent in bathrooms, creating a relaxing and comfortable environment for this multipurpose space is essential.

Here are some tips, shedding light on ways to create the perfect bathroom atmosphere.

1. Perfect Balance

Considering the lighting in your bathroom is similar to most great things in life- everything in moderation. In an attempt to prevent underlighting our bathrooms, we often overdo it. Finding the perfect balance is essential to creating the correct atmosphere for the bathroom while ensuring adequate lighting.

2. Lighting the Shower and Tub

A common misconception is that one light in the middle of the tub is fine. While this is not completely wrong, the best results are achieved through equal lighting on either side of the tub. Depending on the size of the shower, optimal lighting can be reached with only one fixture.

3. Day or Night Lighting

The ideal bathroom design includes as much natural light as possible. The addition of windows, or skylights, can provide both an element of privacy and natural light during the day. Midnight trips to the bathroom require some, but not too much light. This can be solved by the installation of dimmer switches – allowing your eyes to adjust to how much light they can handle.

4. Task Lighting

To obtain satisfactory task lighting, the correct amount and position of these lights need to be considered. Placing a light directly above a mirror will leave you hiding in the shadows. This throws a strong and harsh light onto your forehead, casting deep shadows below your eyes, nose, and chin. This leads to problems when grooming or applying make-up. The best position for task lighting is at eye-level, on either side of the mirror.

5. Similarity

While taking into account the technical side of lighting, we need to ensure that the overall desired atmosphere is achieved. Different lighting and fixtures may be used, so long as they complement one another. Keeping fixtures within the same finish family allows for unity throughout the bathroom

These simple tips can help to transform your bathroom into a welcoming space, allowing you to start, or complete, your day on a lighter note. For installations or further questions, call 082 924 4775.