There is a never-ending list of things to do, or buy, when it comes to preparing for a baby. With all that needs to be done, baby proofing your electrical outlets probably isn’t on the top of your list. It is, however, a concern that needs to be addressed as its effects could be shocking.

Tamper Resistant Outlets

The safest way to baby proof your electrical outlets is to replace your ordinary outlet with a tamper-resistant one. The feature that sets tamper-resistant outlets apart, is their openings which are geared with spring-loaded shutters.

These shutters automatically close off the opening when the outlet is empty, and only open when both shutters are simultaneously pushed. This prevents your child from feeding the outlet any foreign objects and coming into contact with an electrical current.

Electrical Outlet Covers

A slightly cheaper, and quicker, way to keep your baby safe is to install outlet covers. Also known as safe plates, the outlet itself is protected by a spring-loaded plastic cover.

To use an appliance, the prongs of the plug are placed into the cover and slid across. Once the plug is removed, the cover snaps back into place, once again protecting the outlet and your child.

Electrical Outlet Caps and Plugs

Electrical outlet caps and plugs are the cheapest, but no less effective, way to babyproof your homes electrics. Outlet caps are made from plastic and plug straight into the outlet. Its flat surface makes it difficult for children to grip and impossible to place foreign objects inside.

Outlet plugs, an upgraded version of outlet caps, have an extra safety feature. To remove the plugs from the outlet, two buttons must be pressed at the same time. A common downside to both outlet caps and plugs is that once you have removed them, you need to remember to put them back. Not remembering to put them back, removes the baby proofing effect altogether.

Final Thoughts

While some of these baby proofing methods may seem simple, attempting to do it yourself is risky. When it comes to the safety of your child, it is never a bad idea to get help from a professional.

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