As a handyman myself, I believe in DIY projects and getting my hands dirty. That being said, I also believe in knowing when a project is too big to handle and in calling a professional for help. Attempting any electrical repairs on your own can leave you with burns, sensations, and even tissue damage. Not only is it a risk to your health, but it also puts your property at risk of electrical fires. For you and your family’s safety, WiCKS Electrical has put together a shortlist of electrical jobs that require phoning a professional.

Replacing Wires

Replacing wires is a very complicated process that needs to be done correctly and safely. Unfortunately, this means that it should not be taken on as one of your DIY projects. Far too much can go wrong and it’s just not worth the risk.

Electrical wires that are installed incorrectly can leave you and your home feeling the heat- literally and figuratively. Improper installation usually comes in the form of faulty wiring, a problem that could lead to a disastrous house fire. This is why when needing electrical wires replaced, we recommend that you call a professional.

Replacing/Repairing A Circuit Breaker

Attempting to replace or repair your circuit breaker on your own, is one way to cause serious electrical problems. While it may look simple from the outside, your circuit breaker is essentially the brains behind your home’s electrical system. Making a mistake on a circuit breaker can lead to power surges and damaged wiring. Recognizing when your circuit breaker needs some attention is a great help but calling a professional should be the next step.

Replacing A Burnt Outlet

Replacing an outlet is actually a pretty simple job that shouldn’t cause you too much trouble. BUT, if the outlet is blackened, burnt, or hot to touch, call a professional immediately. Outlets in this condition generally indicate overheated wires or an overloaded circuit. Unfortunately, these cannot simply be replaced but require further investigation into the cause behind them.

Appliance Repair

If you find an electrical appliance with a frayed or faulty cord (by now I’m sure you’ve guessed it), you should call a professional for help. These frayed wires can transfer heat to curtains and rugs and are responsible for starting a significant number of home electrical fires. This can all be avoided by picking up the phone and calling WiCKS today!

How WiCKS Can Help You Today

Whether it’s through fire, explosions, or damage to your wiring, attempting your own electrical repairs can set you back. An expense that would cost you more than a phone call would so call us today on 082 924 4775 for all your electrical queries and needs.